Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finally U are here,finally Everthing is clear....

Finally you are here,
Finally you are near.
So divine and strong,
So pure and clear.

No hidden mysteries,
No buried secrets.
No more turning back,
No more awaiting concepts.

He said turn back one more time,
One more time rewind and refine.
From here there is no turning back
There is no walking ahead.

I felt the cold in his blue eyes,
I felt the warmth in his blooded eyes.
Surprised and amused,
Pushed against the wall,
I was left with no way.

Confused, happy, sad and still,
Blocking my path were these devils.
No I said leave me and let me feel,
Let me feel the confused happiness,
Let me feel the still sadness.

Suddenly everything moving,
Everything running so fast
I can hear sum one at distance weeping so loud.
I turned back and saw, Oh! It was not me,
It was not me, for whom they are sad,
He is someone else and yes I am glad.

I am glad coz I am now free,
No more joys, no more worries.
No more obligations, no more pleas.
No more fear and sorrows of detachments,
No more joys and happiness of attachments.

Above all now I am who I am,
No outline, no norm,
No guilt no form.
Above from further ends,
Above from dead ends,
Above from fear of sinking and burning thoughts,

Above from split and rejoining thoughts,
Now everything is black,
I welcome you death.

Finally everything is clear....

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